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The Important Hidden Lessons of Communication Failures

In the complex tapestry of human interaction, communication failures are not just missteps but invaluable lessons in disguise. These moments of disconnect, ranging from the awkward silences in meetings to the misinterpreted emails that lead us down paths of confusion, are fertile ground for growth. While the immediate aftermath of a communication breakdown might feel like a blend of frustration, embarrassment, lost business opportunity, or even reputation damage, it is crucial to pivot from viewing these instances as purely negative to seeing them as opportunities for profound learning and improvement. Here’s how you can extract 5 powerful lessons from …

Charting a Better Brand Course – Part 3

In Part 2 of our series on brand communication, we looked at the differences between brand voice and copy tone, and explored how you could achieve communication consistency using organizational style guides and document-specific style sheets. In this final installment, we set our sights on one of the biggest disruptors on the horizon: artificial intelligence, or AI.

Balancing challenges and opportunities in AI-powered brand expression

AI-powered tools like ChatGPT and Claude, as well as image generators such as Midjourney and DALL•E, are revolutionizing communication, with businesses facing both exciting opportunities and significant challenges. We’ve seen firsthand how these tools can reshape …

Charting a Better Brand Course – Part 2

In the first part of our series, we focused on an invisible yet fundamental element in brand construction: your organization’s values. We outlined the reasons why it was important to define them clearly, before articulating your mission and vision, so that your team could move toward a purpose-driven and impactful future. We now turn our attention to brand voice and copy tone, and how you can achieve clarity and consistency in both using organizational style guides and document-specific style sheets.

Brand voice vs. copy tone: What’s the difference?

Brand voice reflects your organization’s unique personality and character, and is based on …

5 Golden Rules of Plain Language

In honour of International Plain Language Day, here is our checklist of rules to follow to strengthen your messaging on any platform:

Rule no. 1: Know and focus on your audience

Understanding your audience is the cornerstone of plain language communication. Tailoring your message to the needs, preferences, and understanding of your target audience enhances clarity and comprehension. Whether it’s jargon-free medical information for patients or simplified legal terms for clients, align your language with what your audience can grasp easily.

Rule no. 2: Use simple and familiar words

Plain language promotes the use of everyday vocabulary that the majority of your audience …

Charting a Better Brand Course – Part 1

You might have heard this before: Envisioning the depth and complexity of an organization’s brand identity is like exploring an iceberg. The tip of the iceberg represents the visible aspects—the logo, colour palette, and marketing collateral, to name a few. These elements catch the eye and leave a lasting impression on team members and external audiences. However, beneath the surface, lies a vast expanse of other crucial components.

The invisible foundations shape your brand’s essence. They are the values that steer your organization, the vision that propels it forward, the mission that defines its purpose, and the customer archetypes that …

4 Ways to Overcome Copy Conundrums

We’ve all been there: You painstakingly craft a message to reach an audience, but it somehow gets lost. Too many words or too few, industry-specific jargon that becomes confusing, or complex copy that leaves readers bewildered–communication barriers are numerous. Editors are here to remove them.
In the following guide, we outline 4 core editing skills and how editors can help you refine your copy to achieve precise and effective communication.

The 4 Core Types of Editing

1. Structural Editing

This type of editing focuses on the overall structure, content, and organization of a piece of writing. Structural editors assess the coherence, flow, and …

Welcome to SWYM Communications!

Effective communication is at the heart of any successful endeavour. Achieving it takes experience, time, and resources. That is how you keep moving forward.

At SWYM Communications, we give you the guidance and support that you need to achieve more through clear, effective, and mindful communication. Whether you operate locally or move across markets and cultures, we are there to help you and your team learn how to SWYM, or #saywhatyoumean.

Here are just a few of our services:• Professional writing and editing• Documentation review• Content strategy development• Social and environmental impact assessment reporting• Corporate brochures and other collateral material creation

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